I am so happy with the work Dr. Haworth has done for me

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I am so happy with the work Dr. Haworth has done for me. I have had surgery before by a competent plastic surgeon but Dr. Haworth’s work is on a totally different plane. He is a gifted surgeon and artist and I believe it is the combination of these talents that make his work peerless. First, I had an upper and medial lip lift which made my upper lip fuller (without fillers!). I love my lips now and they look totally natural. I was so excited I asked him if I needed lower lip surgery. He said I didn’t and explained to me that my lips are now in perfect balance. I was so impressed by his honesty and integrity. He could have done the surgery just to make more money but cared more about the artistry of his work and what was best for me. About six months later I had a mid face lift which left NO visible scars since the two small incisions were inside my mouth and healed very quickly. Again, the results are totally natural and I receive compliments about how great I look and NOT what did I have done. He is a doctor that I trust and respect, which is so important since I get very nervous about surgery and what the outcome will be. Also, his staff members are professional, caring and helpful. Dr. Haworth is a true artist and his artistic talent is reflected in his surgical results. On a scale of 1-5 I give him 200!