I never thought any doctor would be able to do this so I felt like I’ve found the one doctor to stick to.

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Dr. Haworth fixed what other doctors couldn’t fix on my face. I was either refused surgery or told there was nothing that could be done. Dr Haworth reshaped my lips completely and gave me an upper lip which I never had before. As well as lifted the corners of my mouth. I never thought any doctor would be able to do this so I felt like I’ve found the one doctor to stick to. After my lip surgery, he also did a revision rhinoplasty, chin implant, brow lift, jaw reduction, facial liposuction, and several injectable fillers on my face. All of which look fabulous. I believe I was a rather difficult case and most patients would not need as much work as I did, and I’m pretty impressed that Dr Haworth was able to make my face look pretty much perfect.

Dr. H understood instantly exactly what I was talking about and what to do to correct it.

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After going almost 4 years without “Bro-Tox” I decided I was looking a little worn. So, I gave Dr. Haworth a try. I have a very specific issue from prior surgery which has caused me to have to go back 2-3 times whenever I got Botox by Dr. H understood instantly exactly what I was talking about and what to do to correct it. His nurse had me hold two marble columns. One was cold one hot. As he proceeded to inject tiny pricks into my skin he said “Hot”, “Cold” which took my mind off any discomfort (Really, there wasn’t any) After a minute or so, it was over. No pain, no bruising. And, within a day I began to see it working. Today is day four and the results are FLAWLESS. It is exactly how I wanted it. Dr. Haworth has many different skin rejuvenating lasers which I am planning to try next. Beautiful office and very kind staff. I highly recommend.

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My review of Dr. Randal Haworth is unsolicited. As a patient and a biomedical scientist, my opinion is that Dr. Haworth’s pre-op, surgery, follow up as well as outcome of the upper and medial (corner) lip lifts are of the highest quality. What caused me to get this surgery? The region of my nose to upper lip midface area was flat and had an extreme distance between the nose and upper lip. I looked angry or sad all the time when I wasn’t smiling. The reasons for my highest regard for Dr. Haworth’s work are the following.

First, it was a revision of a lip lift I had 20 years prior. Ten years after my first lip lift the distance had returned so I went to another plastic surgeon that refused to perform lip lifts and he talked me into having autologous fat implant into my lips to balance the distance. Since that fat implant, a further increased distance developed between my nose and upper lip and the area was very flat with no definition/philtrum. Previous scar tissue is just one reason revision surgery can be more difficult. After several consultations with other plastic surgeons to correct these issues, I researched how Dr. Haworth did his lip lifts and found that he was the only plastic surgeon who secured the lip lift in such as way that it tends to last longer. Therefore, I chose Dr. Haworth.

Second, Dr. Haworth provides such a wonderful outcome that people are really confused when I say that I am 68 years old because most people think I am much younger. After Dr. Haworth’s surgery, my lips and the balance of my midface region to the rest of my face is even better than when I was much younger! He even gave my upper lip a philtrum again which takes away the flat appearance.

Third, Dr. Haworth, the anesthesiologist and their staff provide spectacular pre- and post-op preparation and follow-up care. I never felt rushed when I had questions or during an appointment. I have had numerous surgeries for other reasons and I know this type of care is outstanding. I did complete all of Dr. Haworth’s suggested follow up visits, home care, and upper lip exercises which I am sure helped with healing and the outcome as well. I highly recommend Dr. Haworth’s advice as well as attention to details, artistry, and technical skills that provide me with a natural, beautiful outcome. One year post surgery, I look pleasant, not angry. Thank you Dr. Haworth and staff!

My eyes look beautiful and awake now

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There was significant fat loss underneath my eyes after my pregnancy and I was told often that I looked much older than I actually am (I’m in my latter twenties). I used to be ashamed to conspire with my day entirely based on how sickly I looked. Dr Haworth used radiesse to smoothen out the hallows and build up my cheeckbones. Apparently its a not as common procedure for that particular area, but he insisted it was the best way to achieve natural and alert looking under eyes in my case. My eyes look beautiful and awake now post -op, I am incredibly pleased with the results! I place a deep amount of trust in this doctor and his creative entitlement, definitely challenges other local practitioners.